Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ok, so I have been told by more than a few people that I am falling down on this whole blog thing.  I apologize but do not promise it will get much better (even though I love you all :)

Eli has become a patriots fan so loved his
shirt and of course had to have a few books...
So I guess Christmas would be a reasonable place to go back to.  We had our Christmas at home early the weekend before we headed to KS.
Kiley loved her roller skates she got
from her brother...
We always do stocking on our 'Christmas
Eve' the kids were very excited when
Daddy got off work...


We spent a couple of weeks in KS with family.  Grandma and Papa took all five of the kids to Topeka for the day.  They went out to eat, went to an indoor playground, picked out books, went swimming, I am really not sure what all they did.  The kids had a lot of fun and ended the night with a sleepover in Grandma and Papa's living room and a movie.  (My favorite thing was that Brian and I where able to get away for the night and head to KC)

A big highlight was the snow.  Both Eli and Kiley thoroughly enjoyed sledding.  We got to have snow fun with all of the cousins.  We headed to the Sabetha lake with my brother and his kids and got to enjoy the snow falling and try out the small town road for sledding with cousins on Brian's side.
The girl cousins...3 of  11


Grandma and Papa at the top of the dam
with all of the grandkids. 

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